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Terms & Conditions

Prices and Project Quotations: Prices shown in all of our Price Guides are subject to change without notice.

Project Quotations: Quotes are valid for 30 days from date of quotation, except where this period has been extended in writing by Morris Group International factory. Morris Group International must have a written, signed purchase order from the customer. No order placed with Morris Group International shall be considered as accepted until completion of order entry process, at which time purchaser is provided with a formal acceptance, which is a copy of Morris Group International’s order as entered for production complete with shipment schedule (order confirmation). Morris Group International’s order confirmation is the governing document and customer has the responsibility to advise the factory, in writing, of any noncompliance with purchase order. All orders are subject to credit approval prior to shipment. All orders are subject to acceptance by Morris Group International factory at City of Industry, California. No agent or representative of the company is authorized to make any exceptions.

Payment Terms: Net 30 days from date of invoice. An unpaid invoice is considered late if not received within 30 days from date of shipment and becomes subject to a service charge of 2% per month starting with due date. Invoice is assumed to have been received by customer if factory is not notified of non-receipt within 10 days after receipt of goods. If legal action is necessary to enforce payment, purchaser will pay any court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Taxes: Any sales or manufacturer’s tax imposed under existing or future statutes may be added to the price herewith and shall be paid by the buyer. Should any buyer claim exemption from sales taxation, a Resale Certificate must be received by factory prior to invoicing.

Minimum invoice is $100.00 net.

Mechanics Liens: Morris Group International reserves the right to request from its customer all required information needed to file a preliminary notice in order to perfect a lien at a future time if deemed necessary. Shipment of any material will be held back until this information, if requested, is received by Morris Group International factory.

Freight: All shipments are F.O.B. Factory, City of Industry, California, except where specifically stated otherwise. A $9.00 surcharge, per package, is added to all small parcel shipments.

Weights: All weights shown in Morris Group International literature or quotations are estimates and are not guaranteed.

Shipping Date: Every effort is made to comply with scheduled shipping dates; however, Morris Group International is not liable for any loss or damage arising out of delay in delivery of any of its products due to causes beyond the control of the company. When a customer order is scheduled and in production, changes in shipping date can only be honored by written notice, with the understanding that any charges incurred will be charged to the purchaser and rescheduling can only be made on the basis of factory convenience.

Transportation Claims: The responsibility of Morris Group International ceases upon delivery of goods in good order to transportation company, and all goods are shipped at consignee’s risk and consignee must file freight claims for losses or damages in shipment. For consignee’s protection, shipment should be inspected immediately upon receipt. If any damage is visible - regardless of consignee’s opinion as to whether it is damaged or defective, consignee must have shipment inspected by the delivering carrier, and inspection report must be made.

Shortages: No claim for failure to receive shipment will be honored unless Morris Group International is notified within a reasonable time after receipt of invoice. No claim for shortages will be honored unless Morris Group International is notified within five working days after receipt of shipment.

Returned Goods: No material shall be returned without written permission. When granted, no credit will be issued until purchaser supplies correct invoice number and date covering original shipment of material. All material must be returned freight prepaid. All credits, when issued, are subject to a 35% handling charge.

Product Approvals: When quoting equivalent materials, every effort is made to quote on materials which are equal or superior to those specified. Morris Group International will provide, at no cost, certified data sheets for submission to architect/engineer/owner for approval. Morris Group International cannot guarantee this approval. The limit of our responsibility is to provide the material exactly as quoted. When materials are approved as submitted, the limit of Morris Group International responsibility is to furnish material as approved. Product modifications or alternate products will only be furnished at current selling prices.

Field Measurements: When required, they are responsibility of the purchaser and must be transmitted to Morris Group International in writing. Measurements made by Morris Group International employees or representatives are acceptable only when verified and approved in writing by the purchaser/contractor.

Change in Specifications or Cancellations: These can only be honored by written notice with the understanding that any charges incurred will be chargeable to the purchaser.

Limited Warranty: Morris Group International warrants that all of its products are guaranteed against defective material or poor workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment. Morris Group International’s liability under this warranty shall be discharged by replacing without charge F.O.B. City of Industry, California, any goods, or parts thereof, which appear to the company upon inspection to be of defective material or not of first class workmanship, provided that claim is made in writing to the company within reasonable period after receipt of the product. Where claims for defects are made, the defective part or parts shall be delivered to the company, prepaid, at City of Industry, California for inspection. Morris Group International will not be liable for the cost of repairs, alterations or replacements, or for any expense connected therewith made by the owner or his agents, except upon written authority from the Morris Group International City of Industry office. Morris Group International will not be liable for any damages caused by defective materials or poor workmanship, except for replacements, as above provided. Buyer agrees that Morris Group International has made no other warranties either expressed or implied in addition to those above stated, except that of title with respect to any of the products or equipment sold hereunder and that Morris Group International shall not be liable for general, special or consequential damages claimed to arise under the contact of sale. With regards to fixtures coated with Morris Group International Enviro-Glaze®, all warranties are void unless fixtures are maintained in accordance with notice attached to each fixture.

Force Majeure: If the performance of this agreement by Seller or Buyer is prevented or delayed by acts of civil military authority, war, flood, fire, epidemic or other acts of God, or other foreseeable causes beyond its control not due to its fault or negligence, the party affected shall be excused from such performance during the continuance of any such event to the extent that the party is prevented or delayed thereby; provided, however, that if such delay extends for thirty (30) or more days, the other party may terminate the agreement without liability. If any such delay is caused by the delay of a sub-contractor or Seller and is beyond the control and without the fault of negligence of both Seller and sub-contractor, Seller shall incur no liability for such delay unless the Good and/or Services to be furnished by such sub-contractor were obtainable from other sources in sufficient time to meet the required delivery herein.

Illustrations and Descriptions: Illustrations, detail drawings and accompanying descriptions describing standard features, and sometimes optional variations of each product, do not necessarily show or describe all the variations available. All designs are subject to change without notice and unless stated in the order, material will be furnished of the design in effect at the time the order is filled.

If you have any questions or require technical assistance, please call 800-743-8219 (Live phone assistance between 5.45 AM - 4.00 PM Pacific Time).

Morris Group International reserves the right to change designs, dimensions, and products without notice.